Flowers from heaven

In the chubby little fist of a toddler

Smiles From God

 a weed becomes a beautiful flower from the gardens of heaven.

My grandmother said she loved daisies because “they are smiles from God.”  In Central Texas, we knew that fields of bluebonnets, like the one used on my banner page, or fields of indian blankets were things of beauty.  In west Texas, people who have never seen how beautiful such a field can be just think of these lovely flowers as weeds in the garden.


It occurred to me that a lot of life is that way. God gives us wonderful moments of sheer beauty, and the world tries to convince us that they aren’t beautiful.   This is because the world is looking through cracked and broken lenses.  Take off the bitter negativity of the world and take a walk with God today. I promise you, you’ll find beauty that has been there all along.


About justanotherchildofgod

I am the happy and proud mother of two adult children. I am also a child of God, working on obtaining maturity in Christ. For53 years of my 59 years on earth, God has been the one I turned to through difficult times, the one who never let me down, the one who never judged me too harshly, and always provided love and mercy. My blog is not written with the view that I am a better Christian than anyone else, I'm not. My blog is not written with the view that I am a worse sinner than anyone else. I'm not. In God's eyes, we're all children, each loved uniquely, but equally. My blog is simply telling you what I have learned and experienced over the years I've been a Christian.

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  1. I love it. Beautiful post.

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