Monthly Archives: October 2011

Men of God who merged Christianity and politics the right way

Yesterday I attended the funeral service of a great man of God.  He was a Christian who was known for walking the walk, helping the helpless, loving God, loving his wife and his children, and doing his best to be the man that God would want a man to be.  It just so happens that he chose to become a police officer, then a prosecuting attorney for the District Attorney’s office, and then he became a judge of the county court.  What struck me though is that he was not remembered for his brilliant legal mind, even by other members of the judicidal system.  He was remembered for his love of Christ, and for his efforts to live a life of love.

The church was not just packed with people who wanted to say farewell to this wonderful man. It literally overflowed into a nearby chapel.  It wasn’t my church, but as I looked around the room I could pick out a lot of men and women that were known to be people who also walked the walk.  Many of them also members of the judicial or local political community.  What struck me was that these men and women who are loved by so many people are not famous for standing up and using the name of Christ to further their own political careers or their business ventures.  They were, rather, famous for using their business ventures and careers to do what they believed God would have wanted, one on one, person by person, case by case. 

This world needs many more like them.